Communion is available at the front of the Sanctuary during most Sunday morning worship services. This gives the congregation an opportunity to partake of the Lord’s Supper whenever they are led, rather than waiting for a certain Sunday in which it is passed out. Worshippers are encouraged to partake as families, couples, groups of friends, or individuals.

Additionally, we do occasionally partake of Communion together as a church body, having the emblems passed out and being led by the Senior Pastor in its observance.

While many denominational churches have placed heavy burdens upon people wishing to partake of Communion, we at Calvary Chapel see that they are Biblically without foundation.

For example, there is a teaching that one must fast before taking Communion. However, the Bible tells us that the disciples partook of Communion during the Passover dinner. Additionally, the early church partook after agape feasts (potluck dinners). Therefore, we see that no fasting is necessary.

Also, some hold to the idea that only local or denominational church members may partake of Communion.  Because we believe that all born-again believers are in one church, the Body of Christ, we welcome all believers to partake of Communion at Calvary Chapel.

There is also the belief that the bread we eat at Communion actually and physically becomes the body – the flesh – of Jesus. But when Jesus said, “This is My body,” the disciples didn’t take this in a literal sense, because Jesus was right there in person among them. They understood that “this is My body” was equivalent to “this represents My body.” The bread does, however, represent perfectly His sinlessness, His scarring, striping, piercing, and brokeness.

At Calvary Chapel of Kennett, the only rule regarding the partaking of Communion is this: Jesus told us, “Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me” (1Corinthians 11:25). Communion should always be taken in remembrance of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.